I've always been creative... whether it was choreographing dances, oil painting, or writing stories as a kid, so it was only natural for me to choose a college major that was also creative. I graduated from the University of Florida (go gators!) in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in Advertising and minor in Psychology. After graduating, I moved out to Los Angeles and worked as a model for a couple years, I always loved the fashion industry.


In the end of 2008 I started working for a yacht chartering company, I did all of their marketing and advertising. I did everything from their website and brochure design to coordinating promotional events.


That company was sold and from April 2010 until July 2016 I worked for SAUIPE Swimwear, a women's designer swim brand as their Creative Director. I was hired to do a range of things, from website design to social media, blogging and email campaigns. Eventually, I my duties included everything from designing all of their materials, including catalogs and lookbooks, I also photoshoped collection photos, organized photoshoots and much more. I also did all of the creative for their kid's swim line, Lemons & Limes Kids.


I was hired by Michael's Swimwear, a men's swim brand, in January 2015 to work on their creative and social media. And in the past, I have designed websites and other marketing materials for other fashion companies, such as Korpurrit Designs handbags, Elizabeth Laine handbags, Cristina Lynn boutique... so my specialty and passion is fashion, but I have also worked for all different types of businesses (see my CLIENTS page for a full list and testimonials). Often I do pro-bono work for charities and non-profit organizations, please contact me if you charity is interested in being considered.


Please take a look at my PORTFOLIO to see some examples of my work, and CONTACT me if you have any questions or would like to talk about a project, I would love to create something amazing for you!

xox Lane Matthews